About Brain drip

Brain drip is an online Australian literary magazine. It's free to read and we accept unsolicited submissions. We publish short stories, poetry, creative essays and book reviews.

Here at Brain drip, we know it’s not easy starting something new, trying something different. We’re darn excited by the challenge though! We love the idea of a writing forum that is accessible and open for everyone, looking at writing on its merits alone. That's why we don't charge you to submit work to us, we don't have any memberships, and we blind read all submissions. 

We aim to be:

  • As accessible as possible
  • Politically Agnostic
  • Open and transparent
  • Fair and unbiased
  • Whatever the opposite of snobby is

Our goals are to:

  • Publish diverse and interesting new Australian writing
  • Exploit the many strengths of digital media 
  • Help create a strong and diverse Australian literary culture
  • Be the kind of magazine you always wish existed


Brain drip: Australia's writing.

Interested in submitting?