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If you have ever hit the internet in search of Australian magazines and journals that publish short fiction, then you've probably found it doesn't turn up a lot of quality results. And yet Australia does have quite a few high-quality magazines and journals that publish new, cutting-edge fiction from Australian writers. Brain drip (that's us!) is a new magazine on the front line of emerging Australian literary talent, and we think we should spread the word about other, similar magazines that we love. Sharing is caring, and we reckon the more the merrier. 

So here are our top 8 Aussie literary magazines that accept and publish short fiction.

An inforgraphic about 8 magazines that publish fiction.


Feel free to share this page with all the budding writers in your life! If you are looking to publish your short stories, the above magazines and journals are great places to start. They range from the long-running Verity La to the new kid on the block Sudo Journal. Please be aware that some may charge a small fee for your submission. And if you are an avid reader of new Australian fiction, then the above online magazines may be just what you need to hunker down for a nice bit of afternoon reading. 

Now please excuse me, but I was halfway reading a great short story and I have to get back to it!


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