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After 2.5 great years, Brain drip is shutting up shop.

Special thanks to everyone who made Brain drip possible: Kira, Stevie-Lee & Taryn. You guys are the best.

Thank you for everyone who has submitted works to us. We love you.

For now, the site will remain up - if you have a piece published on Brain drip you'd rather see unpublished, please contact us using this form.

If you have contacted us within the last few months, I'm sorry we're probably not going to be able to get around to checking all of our emails. Please use the contact form as specified above. 

Bon voyage. 


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Rob Duplock

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Rob Duplock is the managing editor of Brain drip. When he's not working on this here lit mag or working 9-5 as a web developer, he enjoys reading, writing and arithmetic - in that order.