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Australian poems are something we love here at Brain drip. Do you remember when poets were the Insta-celebs of the old world? So maybe those days are gone, but we haven't lost the love for the written word, rhyme or no rhyme, iambic pentameter or dactylic pentameter. 

But we're not that interested in famous Australian poems (although there are plenty that we like). We want to bring new, modern poetry out of the silo of academia and into the hearts of anyone who loves to read. Australia has always loved poems about Australian identity, indigenous Australian identity, and the Australian landscape. But we love other forms as well; modern Australian poetry that pushes the boundaries and explores ideas, technique and acrostic form. Words can have a way of cutting right through to our inner selves, awakening thoughts, feelings and desires buried deep within us. 

We don't know exactly how many poetry publishers there are in Australia, but we're proud to be an Australian poetry journal (amongst other forms of writing, of course.) We see ourselves as a 24/7 Australian poetry slam, always open to new forms of prose, poetry & verse. We can't wait to publish the best Australian poems. 

"Sweat flutes the printed page.
A metal bedstead, thrown-down bags.
Your face there, face here."

Kerry Hardie, Australian poet.

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Rob Duplock is the managing editor of Brain drip. When he's not working on this here lit mag or working 9-5 as a web developer, he enjoys reading, writing and arithmetic - in that order.

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