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If our experience is anything to go by, poetry in Australia is alive and kicking. Sure, most main avenues of Australian cultural discourse don't seem to pay much attention to contemporary poetry. I couldn't tell you the last time I stumbled upon a review of an Australian poetry collection in The Guardian or any Fairfax paper. Add to that the consistently depressing image that we project of Australia as allergic to any kind of intellectual conversation, and it might look grim sometimes. But new avenues such as online journals and social media have opened up an exciting marketplace for budding poets to publish. 

Despite the lack of mainstream enthusiasm, our poetry submissions show no sign of slowing down. As the managing editor, I am often humbled by the number of high-quality pieces that come our way. There is no doubt that an impressive underbelly of poetic talent thrives somewhere in Australia.

But how do we maintain and grow this beloved art form? How do we ensure that poets in Australia can grow and prosper? Well, that's a complicated question, and perhaps outside of the scope of our ability to answer. But we believe a big part of the answer is to publish. Poetry, like all forms of writing, begs to be out there in the world. That's why this very magazine came into existence; to publish the best writing by emerging and established Australian authors. 

So don't be afraid to send your poetry submission our way. We'd love to hear from you. 

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