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What exactly is the purpose of Australian literary magazines like Brain drip? How does publishing short stories help Australian writers?

Here at Brain drip with love other literary journals, such as Southerly, Meanjin and Overland Magazine. But we feel, heck, we know Australia is bursting at the seams with fresh new literary talent. If more publications are publishing more short stories, that means more writers out there in the world. Which means more positive competitive energy amongst short story writers. In such a world, Australian literary agents will soon have their hands full managing a dizzying array of Australian writers. 

...There is a slew of new talent out there ready to publish diverse, compelling and thoughtful stories. 

Australian short stories don't just have to be about tough luck kids growing up in the country (although we love those stories too!) Australia is as diverse as it is drought-ridden, and for every Maeve Binchy we know there is a slew of new talent out there ready to publish diverse, compelling and thoughtful stories. 

Let's face it, there aren't that many Australian publishers accepting unsolicited manuscripts these days. Having a resume of published short stories can help new writers get off the slush pile and into the hands of those mysterious people that pull the strings in Australia's publishing houses (big and small).

Brain drip is essentially a writing magazine. We just love fresh new writing! Australian literary studies have never been more vibrant or alive than it is now. We think the future looks very bright, and we can't wait to be a part of it. 

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Rob Duplock is the managing editor of Brain drip. When he's not working on this here lit mag or working 9-5 as a web developer, he enjoys reading, writing and arithmetic - in that order.

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