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Did you know that Melbourne is officially a city of literature? Melbourne actually became just the second UNESCO endorsed literary city back in 2008. So for Aussies, Melbourne has always held a special place in our literary hearts. 

Melbourne has often been remarked as a place which has given birth to an amazing number of literary publications. Some of these magazines include Overland, which has been around for at least 50 years (if you can believe that!). Other newer (and arguably more cutting edge) publications like The Lifted Brow and Kill Your Darlings. 

In fact, there is even a website dedicated to this very subject: Melbourne - City of Literature

Brain drip is not tied to any one city or town in Australia

Melbourne is also home to the Melbourne Writers Festival which takes place every year and is a must-see event. Not to mention the number of literary events held at the wonderful Wheeler Centre, plus there are more bookstores than you can poke a long black at.

Brain drip is not tied to any one city or town in Australia. Our staff come from all across the country. We meet online rather than in an office. It's not necessarily better or worse, it's just how we choose to operate. We are not "from" Melbourne, we are "from" Australia, and we want to hear from you - know matter where you reside in this sunburnt land of ours. So why not send something our way?

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Rob Duplock is the managing editor of Brain drip. When he's not working on this here lit mag or working 9-5 as a web developer, he enjoys reading, writing and arithmetic - in that order.

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