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Likened to an upheaval, the drawing lifted it's head as it's fingers
splayed out on the page, warning and confrontation flexed in
every curve. The summoning power of the author 

In The Garden of Dismay

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Thorny fingers of the Rose
Clutch at tilted rotting timbers.
Wilted flowers perching pose
For attention there they linger.

Yet no jaunting love admires 
Nor any bird is heard to sing -
The full maturity of Autumn 
Has effaced all hues of Spring.

Once vivaciously abloom, alas,
Now melancholy stays.
Yearning eyes will wander, lost
In the Garden of Dismay. 

The Love Chair & Explosive Words

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The Love Chair

The woodworker walks the stand of camphor laurel.  She knows
the trees' passion: their leaves as familiar as her hands; their 
growth as tranquil as the evolution of her love.

She dreams green's rubric: trees one-and-a-half women 
high; the air showered with wheatgrass-green leaves; a 
branch as thick as her forearm on the ground.

Mystery guides her hands.  Her fingers circle the axe's 
solid handle & the blade arcs through the air.  The axe's 
bit, its sharp edge, reveals the white wood.