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I am binding myself to these trees
my side will stay pressed
tight and strong to coarse
and dark bark.
it belongs now and
until the end
to this land
these great and tall trees 
bursting from the harsh soil
forever reaching towards
something out of grasp


I am taking the leaves
and tying them to my lungs
perhaps now instead of choking
on my inhalations
I will breathe in the scent of cool
green foliage
gumnut and sap sticking and melting
seamlessly with lifeblood
leaves, stems, everything fusing and folding together
harmony and disquiet alike welding
a symphony of everything that builds
and falls
and gasps


my feet I will tether to the earth
the roots can weigh me down for I have no
need for flying.
my toes will find a home
digging into the dirt and
while it may be rock hard,
blood has never bothered me before
and the roots are long used to its dull taste
blood and nail can pave the way
ochre and dust and red dirt forming my path
carved around, to make way for fragile flesh


this land will become my home
my feet now tree roots,
body more bark than skin
lungs finding their place among twigs and leaves
the trees have welcomed me
and far be it for me to escape their embrace

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About the author:

Mili Chongwe

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Mili Chongwe is often found writing half formed poems whenever the urge strikes. Her work has previously been published in the 2017 and 2018 editions of Coze Journal. To read more of her work, visit her poetry blog through this link: https://milichongwes.wordpress.com/

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