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as the gates crumbled, clouds casted shadows on ashes that slipped between her toes. Time, please, Time he begged It for ease, but cold distance hollowed a once beating, once brave, hourglass tucked in his chest. Time whispered maybe black ashes make better sand. She waited, he listened, they leaped.


she laughed. You'd trust a girl that drinks moonlight and breathes fire? He smiled. I'm made of metal and I shattered, still. The worst you can do is piece me back together. Phoenix girl, android boy.


  • Original artwork by Nadya Hertanto

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About the author:

Natasha Hertanto

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Natasha Hertanto is a remote game writer for Pixelberry Studios and an education assistant at the NGV. Enamoured by the world of fiction, she is most comfortable writing novels and short stories. Her work has been published in Glasshouse Magazine, Pencilled In, and The Regal Fox.

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