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Try to bind me, I dare you

No, I am not a lady & I will not close my legs.
I will leave them open so that you remember I am the creator of worlds, a destroyer of antiquated beliefs, a genie who never had cuffs.
So that the women before me who broke that lamp can melt it down into a rope and rappel into this world to marvel in delight at how far we’ve come.
So, No, I am not a lady and I will not close my legs.


He asked you to be small, not so that you would not be big but so that you would both be small together.
You said, “A hurricane slows for no man” and continued to be a tempest.

And I shall have a cacophony, a bonfire, a rave beneath by sternum or nothing at all. I will not sacrifice a single beat of that madness for anything less than an explosion.

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Neeme is a poet/writer/storyteller/musician/jotter down of words from Perth, Western Australia. She loves the ocean, the sun and the impact of short poetry. @neemepoetry

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