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Would you like to have your book reviewed on Brain drip? The first step is to send it to us! 

To be eligible for review, the book must be:

  • A full-length novel, or a collection of shorter pieces
  • Written by an Australian author
  • A work of fiction or creative non-fiction (E.g. memoir)
  • Published within the last two years

Sound good? Then please send it our way to this address:

    Brain drip book reviews
    Parcel Locker 10008 55837
    300-304 Albert Street
    Brunswick VIC 3056

We cannot absolutely guarantee your book will be reviewed, but we will certainly try to have a review online in a timely matter. We cannot return books. We do not accept ebooks (sorry).

Not sure if your book fits the above criteria? Or sent us something and want to follow up? Just contact us via the contact form.

Are you interested in registering as a book reviewer? Please contact us via the contact form with a brief note about yourself and a link to something you have reviewed (E.g. Goodreads).


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A Man Of His Word

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His guts churn something shocking, so he reaches for the pills and washes down a couple with a good clump of spit. The knot loosens, relief flushes. The kitchen sink is clean. Did the dishes last night. Do the dishes and wake up to a clean caravan. New man, new decisions. Sign of things to come. 

The sun chases him over the mattress until one more roll will see him face plant the floor. Been a while since it’s had a mop. Plus, imagine yelling out to the other long termers and asking to help lift him up: all six-four inches and a hundred odd kilos.