Short stories


One of our short fiction pieces might whisk you away to another place or another time. It might put you in the shoes of someone you've never dreamt of being. And the whole journey takes place in a single sitting. Come on an adventure with us. Compelling Australian short fiction is what we're all about.




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Bea, where are you? Your mum rang me a few months ago, out of the blue. It was great to hear from her. She told you me you’ve found yourself a new lover (your boss?!) and you’re no longer at your old address. She said you call sometimes when you have the money and you can find a phone. I hope next time you call she remembers to tell you I said hello. She said you’ve been living in your van for a while now, driving around the hills outside Barcelona and working the markets. So all those letters I sent you are sitting on the floorboards in the hall of someone else’s newly rented flat.