We accept unsolicited submissions from Australian writers.


Submission guidelines:

  Short stories:

  • Word count: 1000 - 8000 words
  • Please note: Short stories are our most popular submission category. We love reading & publishing them, but we do get more of them than anything else. So don't be afraid to try your hand at one of the below categories to increase your chances of being published.

  Creative essays:

  • Word count: 800 - 5000 words
  • We publish creative essays, which we loosely define as "creative non-fiction which explores a certain topic"
  • Creative essays do not require references (but they can)
  • Creative essays may express your personal opinion on the topic
  • We do not publish political essays


  • Line count: 8 - 80 lines
  • You may enter a "suite" of poems (several shorter poems designed to be published together) in the one submission

  Book reviews:

  • Word count: 400 - 800 words
  • We only review Australian books published in the last 3 years
  • Coming soon: Commissioned book reviews
  • Are you a book publisher? Send us a book for review (Australian authors only).


A maximum of four submissions every six weeks (one per category).

To submit, simply create a profile. It's free, easy and we will never share your private information with anyone & we never spam you. A profile allows you to sign in any time & submit new works.

You may pitch ideas to us if you want to! Just use the contact form.

Our preferred submission file format is a Microsoft Word file, single-spaced, 12pt Calibri font. But we won't penalise you otherwise. (LibreOffice and Google Docs are free Microsoft Word alternatives).

All submissions may be edited (by us) prior to publication. We limit our edits to minor grammatical fixes and typos.

In the interest of fairness, we blind read all submissions


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Emma Sanderson-Ellis, her partner Jarrod Ellis, their “sensitive” baby of seven months, Moss, along with Kevin Irving and his partner Emma Beekman (the Other Emma) were coming over to Stella Martin’s in South Yarra on Saturday, 29 May for a modest two course dinner party, but 60 minutes before the big event, Stella, crushingly hungover and hampered by an injured left foot, recognised that because she still had so much to do and so little time to do it in, for several hours, until her guests filed out of her flat, there would be absolutely no opportunity to pause...